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Custom Turned Vases

Custom turned vases and Hollow Forms just bring joy into one’s life; is it because of their tactile feel and pleasant shapes?  I think so, as I watch many visitors to my studio go straight for them with their hands out in anticipation of picking one up!  I turn most of these items from a single block of wood.

Once I have the outside shaped, then it is matter of hollowing out the interior through the top of the now shaped vessel.  Many times this is through a small hole in the top requiring me to turn blindly by feel – I love the challenge of doing it!

Vases and hollow forms are always welcomed as gifts; you just can’t go wrong giving one.  They can be used as decorative items on their own, a frog placed in the bottom and dry flowers added, etc.  On larger vases, a glass vase/tube can be inserted to hold water for fresh flowers.