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Wooden Overcoat

“Perhaps few of us want to think of the quote ‘Wooden Overcoat’ which will finally shield our tired bodies when we are laid away. And yet how fine a thing it is to know that the heart of a tree we loved in life, may be our house in this step toward immortality.”

R. K. Helphenstine, Jr.

I, Dave Swiger, have teamed up with fellow turner Don Maloney to turn and produce custom turned urns.  Our urns provide for that special memorial, keepsake, or one-of-a-kind cremation urn for your family member or beloved pet.

We specialize in producing unique and beautifully hand-crafted traditional wooden urns, most of which are made from ambrosia maple, curly maple, walnut, box elder or redwood trees. We strive to ensure that these original and individually handcrafted urns reflect the wood’s inherent splendor.


The first consideration in choosing your urn should be size. You will require a minimum of 1 cubic inch per pound of body weight of the deceased person or pet.  Within reason you can choose a somewhat larger urn should a particular wood or shape appeal to you.  Otherwise, a custom urn will take a minimum of eight months, please email me for a quote.  All urns are finished, polished, and have a threaded removable finial top or bottom access.

All items are labeled as to the type of wood used.

This Gallery page only shows a sample collection of our urns.  To see a complete line of all of our urns, please “Click Here.”