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Contentment Turnings | Artistically Turned Bowls, Vases, Canes & More

I truly hope that my turnings will impart in you the feelings of contentment that I experience when turning pieces at my lathe. Feelings of serenity, happiness and pleasure!

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I invite you to examine my turnings, taking the time to get lost in the details and noticing what nature has given us to appreciate.

Examples of My Work

Nature's Embellishments

When you go with the grain, you never know where you'll end up.

Find Us at Your Local Event!

Throughout the year I travel along the artisan network throughout Baltimore Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia and surrounding areas. For more information on upcoming events or visiting my studio, please email me at


I am always available to turn commission pieces, please contact me at 301-371-4932.


I frequently host shop tours, where visitors can learn more about my turning processes, the materials I use and see the current projects I am working on. For private tours or schedules, please email or call 301-371-4932.